What is Thmanyah LTR?

In every community, there are untold stories of people who live life differently, uniquely, and outstandingly. Therefore, we aim to shed the light on them, to tell the world their stories, and to give them a platform to express their thoughts.

Thmanyah LTR is a product of Thmanyah, which is a content-producing company that provides authentic and valuable content in Arabic through different platforms.

What issue Thmanyah LTR is aiming to solve?

The perception about other cultures sometimes is false or misleading in many ways. It is usually due to the lack of accurately reflective content that presents the true image correctly about the community. Thmanyah LTR overcomes such obstacles by presenting a genuine and honest image of Saudi Arabia from an unseen angle.

What stories does Thmanyah LTR tells?

The community we are currently focusing on is Saudi Arabia, where we tell stories from the eyes of either locals or foreigners living in the community  who have a unique lifestyle. Each story provides a valuable message at the end, but yet totally different than the rest of the stories. From individuals to businesses and everything in between we present their ideas and lifestyles that are worth knowing.

How the stories would be told?

The Saudi community is rich in mind-opening stories of people living life differently. Therefore, Every 2 weeks a video will be uploaded on YouTube that tells a new story, and throughout the week in depth details about the stories would be shared through our accounts in Twitter and Facebook.

Do you have a story you would like to suggest?

Do you know someone you you would like us to tell their story? Or a start-up that is worth knowing about? You can send us the details to our email.

Where can you find Thmanyah LTR?

Facebook: fb.com/thmanyahltr
Twitter: twitter.com/thmanyahltr
YouTube: youtube.com/thmanyahltr
Email: [email protected]